Foodie Heaven

I recently traveled to Portland to celebrate my ten year anniversary with my boyfriend and we both fell in love with all the food and the atmosphere of all the restaurants. Here are some of my favorites from our trip (in no particular order)!

1. Pip’s Doughnuts


Pip’s is a cute little doughnut shop. Also, our first stop straight from the airport. Addicting little crispy doughnuts fresh out the fryer!

2. The Waffle Window


The waffle with blueberry compote and cheesecake pudding was the winner here.

3. Screen Door


Came for their delicious (and huge!) chicken and waffles.

13350519_1593994117283217_3870459594336499940_o (1).jpg

..But left dreaming about these praline candied bacons! Best bacon of my life! Sorry Orchard City Kitchen.

4. Deschutes Brewery 


Enjoyed some awesome beer flights here!

5. Tasty n Sons


First time trying Shakshuka. A good snack.

6. Salt & Straw


So many delicious flavors that it was so hard to choose. I decided on almond brittle with salted ganache and Stumptown coffee with burnside bourbon. Yum! Double scoop is a must here.

7. Pok Pok


Pok Pok is known for their fish sauce chicken wings which were very tasty! But the atmosphere stood out so much for me. It was so cute and comfy. We ate on what once used to be someones old front porch. So cool!

8. Le Pegion 


Salmon poke with egg, capers, and cucumber in a curry aioli. Very different from the poke i’m used to having. Super tasty.


Grilled pigeon. Yes, actual pigeon! At a place called Le Pigeon, I just had to do it and I do not regret my decision one bit. Loved every bite!

13320649_1593995303949765_5833506887982853731_o (1).jpg

Beef cheek bourguignon. Melts in your mouth.


Foie gras profiteroles.

9. Toro Bravo


Chorizo empanada with creme fraiche. So simple yet so good.


Squid ink pasta in anchovy syrup with egg yolk. Went so well with the scallops (pictured below).


Seared scallops with fennel and romesco. Can never go wrong with scallops!


Seafood and grilled chicken paella. Im sure this speaks for itself. Wonderful tapas at this place and it was perfect as our last meal in Portland.

10. White Rose Estate

IMG_470313323736_1593994453949850_1850383560000586170_o (1)13415438_1593994443949851_2075705277017239431_o (1)13403855_1593994283949867_1422129661278897852_o (1)

The Willamette Valley is known for their Pinots. We tasted so much great wine during our wine tasting around the valley. But we just loved this little place up on the hill. Beautiful views and such a unique, little, rustic winery.

11. Blue Star Donuts


Buttermilk lemon poppyseed donut.


Blueberry bourbon basil donut.

Don’t fall for the Voodoo Doughnuts hype!

12. Veritable Quandary

13411901_1593994087283220_1788785848756305867_o (1).jpgIMG_4584

Bacon wrapped dates with gruyere cheese.


Osso Bucco with bone marrow and risotto.



Definitely one of my favorite places in Portland. Everything was delicious and loved the classy yet laid back vibe. I am extremely sad they are demolishing it this year!

I enjoyed my visit to Oregon so much but the food in Portland alone will keep me coming back for more.

Stay tuned for our hiking adventures around the PNW!


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  1. Everything looks delicious! Especially, the donuts!!!

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  2. I’m loving all the pictures! Thanks for making me hungry now! Booking my flight to Portland just to eat lol


  3. Ok I definitely need to branch out in my diet now. This all looks so good!!


  4. Wow the pictures are fantastic a foodies delightful love the guide!

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